Tax Tips

Salary or Draw? How to Pay Yourself as Business Owner

Congratulations! Your small business has moved beyond the initial startup phase and is now a profitable venture. Although you may have worked for free in the early days, it’s time to pay

End-of-the-Year Checklist for Small Businesses

The end of the year is a busy time for a whole host of reasons. Holidays, travel plans and family visits keep us all running ragged from November through January 1. But as a small business

The ‘Trump Effect’ on Your Obamacare Coverage

With our newly elected president threatening repeal of Obamacare, should you worry that your health insurance could go up in smoke? November 12, 2016 Donald Trump will be our next president

The Ins and Outs of the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit

If you are paying someone to take care of your children or another person in your household while you work, you might be eligible for the child and dependent care credit. This credit "gives


Full Charge Bookkeeping
If you like running your business, but want help behind the scenes for the accounting that needs to happen, The Literate Letter is the company for
Payroll & Compliance
Using a trusted payroll service can solve a lot of problems and put your mind at ease. Large companies sell hard at first, and then leave you hanging
Sales/Use Tax & Provider Tax
One of the most trying and difficult state red tape is sales and use tax. I can teach you to manage your sales tax within QuickBooks, make sure you