Full Charge Bookkeeping

Everyone likes running their very own business! You didn't go into business for bookkeeping, did you? But guess what? WE DID!

Sometimes, you still need help for some behind the scenes tasks. Logical Ledger is a full-service bookkeeping firm, and is a great tool for companies that do not want to, or cannot yet, afford a salaried bookkeeper on staff - but still want the attention and services a full-time bookkeeper can provide.

With our full service bookkeeping, you stay in the forefront of your company, while we will handle the administrative tasks. You pay your company bills and manage your day to day, but we will handle the rest. Our work is accurate, reliable, and honest, so you can feel at ease knowing we have your accounting covered. We are aware of tax implications to boot, and will work directly with your CPA or recommend our CPA for you.

When you select our full-service bookkeeping, you can expect:

● Chart of Accounts Configuration
● Data Entry
● Bank Reconciliation
● Credit Card Reconciliation
● Lines of Credit Reconciliation
● Sales Tax, Use Tax, and Provider Tax Filing
● Preparation of Financial Statements

Our goal is to provide you with the clarity of your financial well-being by making accounting as simple as possible. We even offer quarterly reviews if you want us to make sure you have done all your own bookkeeping properly.

The options are endless with Logical Ledger. An accounting firm you can trust and rely on to have your company's best interest in mind. By monitoring your cash flow, bills, funds, and financial statements, you can manage your business and stay on top of tax planning eliminating the worry.

At Logical Ledger, you always have full control, we just make keeping track of simple. Call us today at 612-913-2935 to work out how we can help you best.